Stefanie Black

The NEW Generation


About Stefanie

 Born in Lincoln/UK in 1998

  • Moved to Spain in 2000
  • Moved to Germany in 2003
  • Moved to US in 2005
  • Moved to Uruguay in 2008
  • Moved back to Spain in 2011
  • Moved to Germany in 2015
  • Started studying at Hamburg School of Music
  • Personal Interests : Singing and Acting

I was born on 11th August 1998 in Lincolnshire. From an early age, I went on cruise ship holidays with my parents and always sang on stage starting with German and English nursery rhymes.

When I moved to Iowa, USA, I joined the local church choir and at the age of 10, I played the Ghost of Christmas Past in the local Christmas Carol play, where I got to sing a solo. After moving to Uruguay, my Dad would help me with singing at home. When we moved to Spain, I joined a local Children’s choir and then in November 2012, I entered two local pub X-Factor style competitions. In one of them I got through to the semi-finals and the other one I got through to the finals.

Due to learning a lot of new songs for these competitions, I made my first CD of cover songs, Destiny, in my style. Through 2013 and 2014, I expanded my repertoire and now have 5 CD’s and 2 DVD’s of the concerts available.

At age 14, I joined Studio Thirty-Two, a local amateur musical drama group. I have taken part in three shows at the time of writing, playing Princess So-Shi in Aladdin, Charity in the musical Sweet Charity and Cinderella in the Pantomime Cinderella.

Personally, I donate my time for two large charity concerts a year, raising money for local low income families, where food vouchers are bought and given to the local Town Halls.

Since October 2015 I have been studying Singing and Piano at the Hamburg School of Music.

Apart from that I am hired for certain performances. More information on where I will be appearing will be shown in the News & Events part of my website.

Thank you for your interest and support.